Michael Kors new glasses to implement Michael Kors Outlet brand handbags and accessories series style, ingenious use of sparkling Swarovski crystal, brand three-dimensional symbol and representative of the material, such as mirror lenses brand fashion sense and delicate design essence. A new series of fusion of classical and modern frame design adopted more rich color collocation. In addition to the new brand fashion show shine amber glasses, and can reveal women's profile and the characteristics of the color pink and purple crystal crystal glasses, and the character charm of the crystal blue and extremely cobalt blue glasses, etc.

Michael Kors Black Friday will in October the propaganda against hunger. On October 16, world food day comes at a time, Michael Kors team will be six stores in five major cities around the world of assigning "against hunger" T-shirt. New York, Berlin, Rio DE janeiro, Tokyo and Hong Kong people get t-shirts are available in the event store photo booth (known as the "Phhhoto Station") pictures. Took these photos in Phhhoto will have the opportunity to times square in New York's major digital advertising board and Kor's exclusive micro WatchHungerStop.com streaming throughout the day. Taken photos will be animated GIF format way through text messages sent to them, and with # watchhungerstop# is topic to share to weibo, sets, Facebook and Twitter social media platforms.

In order to further support fund raising activity of last spring, Michael Kors announced a long-term cooperation with the UN's world food programme (WFP) program. To support school meals program, through October, Michael Kors Black Friday customers every global Michael Kors Sale retail shopping, you can choose to $5, $10 or $25 donates the WFP. Shops will also vigorously promote personally designed by Michael Kors watch of wrist of 100 Series to support it. Each sold a watch, 100 children in famine, allocation will be given to a nutritious diet. So far, Michael Kors has through sales 100 series wrist watch to help the world food program (WFP) sent out 1.5 million meals to hungry children.